The ANUANUA Art Gallery and its framing workshop
BP 586
98735 Uturoa - Raiatea
French Polynesia
Tel : (689) 66 12 66
N° Tahiti : 723643 - RCS 04816A

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Our services
  . Framing :
  All frames are made in our workshop. We have a stock of 150 frames of various styles : wood, patterns, colors...
  . Pictures retouch :
  We restore your old photos stained or damaged with time.
Our professional equipment (scanners, digital cameras, retouch softwares, large printer) and our 10 years experience let us deal with the worst cases.
  . Printing :
  We can print your artwork and your pictures with our large professional printer.
It uses inks with resin-coated pigments that allows the best color stability in time (70 years preservation indoor under glass and frame). We can print all sizes up to a width of 60 centimeters (24 inches).

Our prices
  . Polynesian francs :
  Prices are given in polynesian francs (FCP).
You can convert them by clicking on any displayed price : they will then be converted successively in US dollars (1$=89 FCP), in euros (1€=119,33 FCP), and then back in francs FCP.
These prices do not include shipping charges. They include the VAT tax as in our gallery, that can be removed in case of a sale ouside French Polynesia.
  . Shipping charges :
  Shipping charges are not included in the displayed prices. They will be evaluated depending on the weight and sizes of your purchases, and the shipping mode (by air or by sea). Ask us for the exact cost of shipping charges.

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